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A person needs to hear from you at least seven to TWENTY-SEVEN times before they decide to do business with you?

The easiest way to bring more money and profit into your business is NOT by chasing after new clients?

Most people give up just before their prospect would have made a decision to spend money with them?
Did you know that...
Andrea Costantine, Conscious Marketing Specialist, and Sabrina Risley of Behind the Moon Inc. networking have teamed up to offer an amazing program to help business owners finally uncover the simple secrets to attracting more business through relationship marketing.
Andrea Costantine
Sabrina Risley
"Andrea & Sabrina have been studying the powerful secrets behind easily and effectively growing any business through relationship marketing and are now sharing their step-by-step system which you can implement to  grow your business in any economy or market."
Together, Andrea and Sabrina have taken the best of relationship marketing to create a step-by-step, easy-to-implement Service to Sensational system for entrepreneurs, small business owners and professionals. They've taken the best of all of the concepts combined with their years of experience, to create a  remarkable series to help YOU build your business through relationship marketing.
Discover what it takes to go from...
Service to Sensational
As the owner and founder of the Denver-based networking organization, Behind the Moon Inc., Sabrina Risley has tapped into the power behind relationship marketing. She has shown firsthand  how a business can thrive through her motto "Grow Your Business by Helping Others Grow Theirs."  - Sabrina has effectively implemented this marketing style for over five years and has discovered what makes it work, how to do it effectively, and ultimately how to grow your business by serving others.
Andrea Costantine became a student of service when she realized that there had to be an easier way to grow your business than by following what everyone else was doing and chasing after clients.  As a Conscious Marketing Specialist, Andrea helps her clients grow their business and thrive through developing a service mindset and being remarkable.
"Relationship Marketing is not only fun, but it's effective and it works!"
There are THREE things that you absolutely MUST know about creating a relationship marketing strategy.
You need a system, you must be consistent, and you've got to follow it.

You need to know how to classify and categorize your contacts and follow up so you don't waste critical time and money.

You need to know how to actually turn your strategy into profit for your business.
What you'll discover in the Service to Sensational program includes:
The THREE keys to adopting a service mindset that serves others and serves your business.
How and WHY relationship marketing will work for your business, NO MATTER WHAT business you are in.
How to set yourself apart through service and being REMARKABLE so that both prospects and clients become your ARMY of raving fans and referral sources.
The key to a successful service system is G.R.A.D.U.A.L.
Integrating YOUR ideal vision for your business along with your customers' vision, so you can WOW them and keep them coming back for MORE and MORE!
Effective in-person networking strategies and how NOT to waste your time.
The secrets, tips, and shortcuts for creating a follow-up system that sells!
How to prioritize and categorize your prospects and clients and fill your pipeline.
Plus, we are including...
Pre-written form letters, scripts and emails to help you stay in touch on a regular basis
The FRUGAL guide to gift giving and acknowledging others
The Top FIVE conversation starters so you never again feel awkward at a networking event or when making a phone call,  plus what to listen for so you know when it's time to make the next move!
Effective strategies and scripts for connecting others and being a Go-Giver
Spreadsheets, checklists, and more - everything you need to implement a service plan today! 

Service to Sensational
We are introducing this series for an INCREDIBLY LOW LOW price
of $99.95 to help YOU uncover the simple secrets to attracting more business through relationship marketing, exceptional customer service, and a service mindset.

Bonus: Service Meditation & Visualization
A meditation designed specifically to raise your vibration, increase your self-value and self-worth, and keep you focused on how you serve the world in a big way. This helps you to show up fully present, serve others, and attract more business, clients, and prosperity into your life.
Value $29
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